I have this habit of bookmarking blogs, articles, websites, etc. that I would like to come back to. Mostly I do so on my browser (which is Chrome for some time now). I just happened to use Firefox recently and it is then that I noticed a number of bookmarks that I’d saved in it couple of years back.

It was very interesting to go through those bookmarks after such a long time. I realised that many of those bookmarks were saved because I happened to like some website/article/blog and thought I must definitely read them up when I have time.  But I never came back to read them. Some of them were there because I was fascinated by them at that point but I wonder if I’ll ever bother to click on them again. It just does not interest me any longer.

Don’t we do the same with life at times?

‘Bookmarking’ certain things that we always wanted to do for another time when we have ‘more time’ for it. Some times it could be watching a certain movie, calling up an old friend, or finishing a half-written story/poem. It might even be living the life that we always wanted to live! To chase a dream, face the uncertainties, be a hero in your own life. Most of us may have seen people in their twilight years who recall from some distant trails of fading memories how they wanted to live their lives, once upon a time. But by the time those ‘bookmarks’ are revisited they have either outgrown them or are incapable of realizing them.

Having said that there are also those lucky ones who dare to go after their dreams, refuse to be let down by their past, and are gleefully content at the end of the road. I am reminded of the final scene from Peaceful Warrior when Socrates leads Dan Millman up the hill and make him realize that it is the journey that matters. Irrespective of the final result they are glad they did what they did in life. You can see it in the twinkle of their eyes and sweetness of their smile.

Wishing you the same.

Keep smiling!

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